The Mixed Media textile works have a visual impact like oil or acrylic paintings. Then they invite you to come closer and explore your sense of touch. A rich array of tactile values unfolds under the finger tips of the owner. New details are discovered in each work when you see it close-up.

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The mixed media fiber art on this page is for sale. 

Because each piece is an original, they each have a "Buy Now" button attached which allows you to enter your credit card and shipping information. (There is no shopping cart because each sale is unique, as each piece is unique.)  

If a piece is currently traveling or submitted to an exhibition, it is still for sale, but can only be received at the end of the journey. So when we cannot ship a piece right away, the Buy Now button is removed to avoid confusion.

Please call +1.530.692-9012 to chat with the artist.

Social Distancing    Mixed Media Fiber Art, 47" x 52", or 120 x 132 cm, $4,700.00
Summer 2020: Half a year ago, I had never heard the term “Social Distancing”.  Probing for visual answers is the background of this tapestry-style wall hanging. Techniques for this exploration include painting, appliqué, stitching by hand and home sewing machine, crocheting, and needle-weaving. They are used to show my current understanding of the difficulties to balance the needs of human nearness with healthy distance.
Geometric Exploration 4    Mixed Media fiber art, 32" x 32', or 81 x 81 cm, $2,000.00
Geometric Exploration 3    Mixed Media fiber art, 32" x 32', or 81 x 81 cm, $2,000.00
Geometric Exploration Diptych 12    The two pieces below can be hung as a diptych: 32" x 68", or 81 x 172 cm, $3,500.00
Geometric Exploration 1   - Mixed Media fiber art, 32" x 32", or 81 x 81cm, $2,000.00
Purple Danced in my Head All Night   - 29" x 29" or 74 x 74 cm, $1,440.00

The following section contains Mixed Media with recycled CDs. You might ask: “Why CDs?”: Their reflective surface makes a piece very much alive and it includes YOU, the viewer. As humans, most of us have a reflex to seeing ourselves in a mirror; CDs are not that precise but they summarize the impression of you, your clothing, and the surrounding light into one abstract statement which is the presence of you standing in front of or passing by the art quilt.

Trees of Life   39" x 39" or 99cm x 99cm,  $3,000.00
Juried exhibitions: 2016 "On the Fringe", Texas Quilt Museum, TX78945;
2017 Harrigton Gallery, Pleasanton, CA 94566
365   Mixed Media, 47" x 47" or 120 x 120cm, $4,400
Data and BEing    39" x 39" or 99cm x 99cm,  $3,000.00
The "C" Word    39" x 39" or 99cm x 99cm,  $3,000.00 
Exhibited 2016 in "Focus on Fiber" by Sacramento Fine Arts Organization
He Does Not Play    Mixed Media, 88" x 35" or 224 x 89 cm, $6,000.00
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Mixed Media contemporary tapestry-style wall hanging The 365 circles of this piece might make you think of the 365 days of the year. How different can one day be from the other? This is indicated by voids, as well as by various colors.