Decorative Arts in the Galleria Colonna

Meeting friends is always a highlight for me.

The Galleria Colonna contains many noteworthy paintings and antique sculptures, but in this blog post the focus is on details that are easily overlooked among the riches of this palace.

A door next to a stand for post cards

Among the floor-to-ceiling paintings are beautifully painted painted mirrors.

Looking into them is like stepping through the looking glass: forwards and backwards reverse and create a feeling of a fairytale world.

Delicate details painted in a small room (that leads to the WC).

Decorative still life painting from under a window

Looking out through the window into the courtyard with the a column. A column in Italian means "colonna" and it's the family symbol.

Antique art under another window

Let's look up. Here is a ceiling detail from the largest room.

Here is a ceiling detail from a smaller room.

Here you can see how the painting of the wreath turns into sculptured flowers.

Hope you enjoyed some of these details of the decorative arts in Galleria Colonna, Rome.

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