Medici Luxuries

As any textile person knows, hand-weaving is a time consuming process. While visiting the Archeological Museum in Florence, I noticed these overdoor tapestries in the coin cabinet. They were primarily created in the 17th century for the Medici family. Because it takes years to design and create them, I thought they might be a good mirror of what the Medicis valued; how they saw themselves in their own environment.

1 The oldest one, designed by Allessandro Allori, was woven from 1590 to 1606. It’s representing “Fortune”.

2 “Peace” was woven 1653 to 1654.

3 “Vigilance” was woven 1692 - 1721.

4 “Divine Grace” was woven 1693 -1694.

5 “Saint John the Baptist”, who was the patron saint of Florence, was woven 1694 - 1696.

6 And finally, “Summer” or “Abundance” was woven 1703 -1704.

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