Our First Day

Our first day began casually, just walking out the door with no particular plan. We started looking into San Lorenzo in Lucina.

It's many things, including being the burial place of the painter N. Poussin.

I enjoyed the detail of this relief.

Piazza del Popolo always attracts people.

The church Santa Maria del Popolo is full of treasures. These angels by Bernini's workshop attracted me today.

Meandering through the streets, looking at cross streets ...

The Tiber is very full - with Ponte and Castel Sant'Angelo.

Guess where we are for lunch?? And what we ordered?

Our stroll continues - Piazza Navona

Raphael's frescos in Santa Maria della Pace invite you to look and look.

Walking to the Pantheon: Piazza della Rotonda

Seemed strange that the reflections of the sun through the round opening almost make a pattern of a diamond or square.

And home again...

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