Traveling has played a central role in my life, not just during my years as a computer consultant or now for inspiration as a fine artist; traveling allows us to add layers on top of layers of our own experiences. Not sure if I can communicate it in words, but being in a place and connecting this presence to past memories adds richness and meaning not only to the content of a painting, but to my life itself.

Here are some examples from this week. I live in the Sierra Foothills where life turns around nature, harvesting fruits, studio work, and supporting charities.

Going “down” into the Sacramento valley is already a different world even though it just takes a few minutes by car.

Every winter, migrating birds rest in the flooded rice fields, here with the Sutter Buttes in the background. This scene has inspired me to various sketches and completed textile paintings.

Traveling to the Bay Area, being with old friends, taking off in a plane, flying east are experiences that I had so often, I cannot count them, but each time, it is a unique, memorable moment. ( I usually try neither to rush, nor wait because that spoils the actual experience.) [see above: Mono Lake - Sunset somewhere over America - Sunrise over the Alps]

Taking a speed train in Italy is like another form of flying. We went very quickly from Milan to Florence, crossing the Arno which is quite full, we found our charming airbnb in Via dello Sprone. It’s a triangular house, unique and original outside and inside. Certainly, a place where we would like to come back to.

Going for a walk through the historic city center of Florence is of course enchanting.

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