Walking from Obelisk to Obelisk

A few days ago, we walked from the Pincio garden down to Piazza del Popolo and home via the Via del Corso, a VERY popular walk.

Let's start at the Pinciano obelisk, commissioned by Hadrian for Antinuous; erected in its current position in 1822.

At the beginning of the Salita del Pincio is this Pine, probably one of the most photographed trees in the world.

Going down, you can see the roof of the entrance gate to Villa Borghese with the heraldic animals of eagle and dragon.

Almost there

The fashion for Egyptian things lasted for hundreds of years in Rome. Here is the 1818 fountain at the bottom of the ancient Egyptian Flaminio obelisk (created by Seti I and Ramses II; brought from Heliopolis to Rome in 10 BC).

Via del Corso with Goethe's house

And across from the Casa di Goethe:

A pleasant surprise are the green balconies ...

... and the street art.

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