Winter Solstice in Marin MOCA

This weekend, we visited the “Winter Solstice” juried exhibition. It’s open from November 16 - December 22, 2019. How beautiful to arrive at the museum!

Because my main interest is in fibers and mixed media, I’ll share a few of those works first and then the price winners.

Chuck Stolarek contributed two pieces to the exhibition: “Bag and Elephant” and “Brooms and Bag”, both are “Embroidered cotton and silk” and received an “Honorable Mention”.

Natalie Ciccoricco created “A California Rose Hedge in Midwinter”; Description: “Embroidery thread, vintage postcard, which received an “Honorable Mention”.

Ann Holsberry created “Cosmoloy 6: Mardi Gras”; Description: Cyanotype ink, machine stitching, and duralar on paper. It received an “Honorable Mention”.

Darlin Susan Yee created "Body Cocoon No. 29", Description: "Knitted rayon, wool and metal."

Christopher West has an “Untitled” piece, described as “Handcut paper, roofing nails, magnets” which received an “Honorable Mention”.

Holly Wong created “Calypso 3” which is described as: Gouache on paper with candle smoke, sewn transparencies, netting and iridescent thread.

And now to the price winners:

1 Kevin Campbell: Person of interests; Archival ink and paper within a custom frame. (Unfortunately, the glass in front of the photo was highly reflective, so I couldn't take a better photo.)

2 Heidi Hogden: In a wilderness emergency you recognized that you are part of the environment; Graphite and oil on primed paper

3 Diana L. Benet: Heritage Moves; Oil on canvas

Of course, there are many more pieces in this exhibition which are quite enjoyable, although in several cases I need to confess my ignorance as to how a piece relates to the topic “Winter Solstice”.

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