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Just Finished and Delivered

This year 2019, started with the aim to enjoy making little abstract stitched paintings or art quilts. May I dare to admit my challenge goal: one per week minus travel time = 50 in 2019. Crazy? Who knows...

Well, here are the first five of what I thought of as the "Reflections" series

- and some pieces have more personal titles. For example, when I created Reflections 3 and 4, the previous blog post kept popping up in my head ... What-If ?

But let's start at the beginning with the first sketches on silk.

Painted with acrylics on 100% silk: As usual, they look like nothing, waiting for their visual 'storyline'.

Stitching establishes the 'story line'. I work by hand or with a sewing machine depending on what a piece seems to request.

Stitching "Reflections 1" helped me to begin to digest a very sad event. (Personal, no further comments)

"Reflections 2" - Is it spring? Flowers in the air? ~ Something sad, or lively, sails, fishes or - what do you see? (This one also has a What-If you just paint on cotton batting?)

"Reflections 3" or: "What-If Red Wins": As mentioned above the What-If phrase keeps popping up.

"Reflections 4" or" What-If Turquoise Wins"?

But then, back to the basics where primary colors meet, or "Reflections 5".

Hope you enjoyed this journey through color fairyland, which is real, which is - where I spend my days. - Please enjoy.

P.S. These pieces are now in the Camelot Gallery, Nevada City, CA - unless you decide to take them home with you, to be by your side - as a gift for your self or a loved one.

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