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About Maria Billings   


Since I love traveling, email is THE best way to reach me: or


But you can also try the following:

650.269-2578  or: 

530.692-9012 (with voicemail)

Textile Artist


I’m a Fine Artist, specializing in unique textile paintings and mixed media fiber art. My own intense curiosity, deep respect for nature, humans, science and technology are my sources of inspiration. My artistic explorations lead to representational as well as abstract art. Abstractions can be a response to concepts, or form and color themselves are the inspiration. Designing for site-specific installation are a natural outcome of my curiosity.

My approach stems from the desire to release my inner creativity.  What comes from deep within my heart meets with the world, engages and collaborates with others in simplicity and complexity. It leads to innovative, high-quality artwork and projects.



  • B.A. degree ("Textilgestaltung") from the University in Cologne, Germany

  • National and International exhibitions

  • Public art





As a painter, I react to the stimuli and visual impressions of my immediate environment: flowers on a table, light blazing through trees in a forest, city- and sky-scapes; all invites me to slow down, look, sketch, and share.



  • Studied three and a half years in Italy (Milan and Rome)

  • Works in private and public collections

  • Solo and group exhibitions

Published Author

New book: "Chamomile-Sunflower Friendship"

Roman Horses (Cavalli Romani) is a really unique art book with original water colors and bilingual English-Italian text. The book is organized along the time lines of history; a wonderful, new way to explore the eternal city in search of horses in parks, fountains, columns, streets and more.

Available on Amazon ISBN: 978-0-9906034-4-3



  • Successful Kickstarter campaign to fund publication

  • YouTube Video

  • Double-award of "best-researched" and "best-presented" topic for commerical writings


Workshops, book signing, presentations, speaking engagements, and so on


Please contact me via email and I'll call you back ASAP.


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