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Art For YOU

Calendar 2023   Shows textile paintings temporarily installed in nature 8.5" x 11", open 17.25" x 11"
$19.50 includes tax and shipping in the US   - SOLD out


If you are working with a specific color scheme, please let us know.

Lily with Pantone 2023 "Viva Magenta" in the background

Lily with Pantone 2022 "Very Peri" in the background

An older example: Lily originally painted on an antique pink background, then modified to accommodate the Pantone colors of 2021: Ultimate Gray 17-5104 and Illuminating 13-0647.

Public Art


Having been responsible for large projects (with over 800 stakeholders) I know that project management is a valuable skill for artists. It can be used to create blocks of time for quiet artistic activity. Not neglecting stakeholder demands, but incorporating them while sticking to your project scope, and learning to delegate non-essentail tasks moves you through any project.


Above all: prioritize, prioritize, prioritize, and do the 'uncomfortable'. Doing the one essential thing which might be uncomfortable, but you know it to be the most important differentiator, is a simple path to success (though certainly not an easy one). The poet Rainer Maria Rilke phrased this as "Hold to the difficult".

References available upon request. Please email or call 530.692-9012.




I love commissions, calls-for-entry, public art. - Why? Because they always enlarge my horizon. I love the challenge to find the right expression of what enhances somebody else's life: an individual, a family, a large organization.


My commissions come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. - How?

  • After we discuss your project, I create a design of the art work.

    • For most design work, there is a non-refundable fee which will be deducted from the final payment upon shipment or installation of that design.

  • You review the design online and signal your OK, by paying half of the total sum.

    • For large projects, if you need to see progress pictures, we can determine the frequency of project updates.

  • The design is executed and you see the final work online (or you can come for a studio visit).

  • If you are not yet 100% satisfied, let us know your change requests within 14 days.

    • Small adjustments can be made once.

    • Other work flows can be determined at the beginning of the project to satisfy your process needs.

  • After we receive your final payment, the work will be sent or installed according to our agreement.

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