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The art quilts in this group are all connected to my book "Roman Horses: Cavalli Romani."

Each piece is 14 x 30" (or 36 cm x 76 cm) and costs $790. Discounts when you purchase more than one piece.


June 15 - August 15, 2019: Solo exhibition "Roman Inspirations" in the Apollo Library, Oregon House, CA 95962.

These art quilts were part of my presentation for Chico State University, California in April 2017.

They were first exhibited as a solo show in March 2016 at Meyerrose, Kassel, Germany. 

See my blog for background info from the "Roman Horses, Cavalli Romani" book. 

For some of these works, there are videos "Roman Horses, Cavalli Romani: From Inspiration to Art Quilts", YouTube playlist:

and individual links in the description of the art quilt. (If you wish to see more videos, please send me an email.)

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