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The aim or goal of each site-specific piece governs the chosen techniques and materials. My artistic focus is on visualizing meaningful concepts.

References available upon request.

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Apollo Library, public art, installed 2019 at the Apollo Library, Oregon House, CA 95962
A blog post about the creation 
Thank You Fire Fighters and All, public art, installed 2018 at the Oregon House Dobbins fire station, 9162 Marysville Road, Oregon House, CA 95962
The story of this signature quilt is told in the following blog posts:
  1. Thank you Fire Fighters
  2. Why a Signature Quilt?
  3. Accepting our Gratitude 
Wood Land, prototype for public art, 3D interior mobile, currently in artist's studio
be WELL come, public art, installed 2016 at Wellness Center, 12896 Rices Crossing Rd, Oregon House, CA 95962
California Poppy, public art, installed 2015 at Sutter Medical Foundation, Urgent Care, 444 Plumas St., Yuba City, CA 95991
Generosity, Destination: "Art for Embassies"
  • 2016 "Wide Horizons V" St. Marie aux Mines, France; 2017: Germany and Czech Republic
  • 2016 "Soul Food", Visions Art Museum, San Diego and "Springtime in the Pines", Grass Valley
  • 2016: Detail published in "The Day Barque" by the Apollo Poetry Society
  • 2014-2015 "World Without Hunger", Rome, Italy and Geneva, Switzerland
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