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Off the Beaten Track

Would like to share a couple of details from my recent visit to ancient Locri. It's so far off the beaten track that our GPS couldn't find the small museum and large archeological area. But we found it anyway along SS 106. Have a look at the "big toe" of Southern Italy.

Locri was founded by the ancient Greeks in the 7th century.

The active excavation site invites to beautiful walks. Finds are from the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and later civilizations. This stone carving reminds me of classical Japanese quilts. (Is that too far-fetched?)

Bur let's return to the little museum at the entrance. We can watch ancient Greek woman at their textile work (via vase paintings).

Here is a reconstructed ancient loom. It reminds me a little of native American looms - but I'm no textile historian, so please, correct me, add your knowledge and observations by commenting on this blog post.

The other piece, created by Monica Hannasch, shows Persephone, the Greek goddess, associated with spring and the renewal of organic life.

What a nice idea to have a contemporary piece together with findings that are over 2500 years old.

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