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Top Ten in Sampler 3

I photographed my art quilt "Cheers Metamorphosis" with an application called PhotoBooth. It creates the diagonal color stripes. The image was printed on linen by Spoonflower. After receiving it, I painted with acrylics a golden heart around the center image. And now, let the fun begin.

01 Hawaiian stitch with diagram (I might have invented this stitch, but how can one know?)

02 Figure 8 Knots; Because I limit myself to ten stitches on this sampler, I’m working both sides with the same stitch.

03 The alternating Running Stitch and French Knot is a combination I often use. Please see the additional example.

04 This stitch has several names: Double Feather stitch, Double Coral, Point d’Epine, and Point Anglaise.

05 Whipped Stem stitch with burgundy wool and golden metal thread.

06 Detached Wheatear is stitched with variegated cotton yarn. They look like little tulips to me.

07 Holbein stitch looks the same on front and back.

08 Feathered Chain stitch, useful for stitching plants

09 Interlaced Band stitch with cotton and metal yarns

10 Backstitch is the first round of the Peking stitch.

The sampler is complete.

Hope this encourages you to try some stitches for yourself.



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