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Inspired by Kandinsky and Geometry

Geometry was always my favorite subject at school.

Euclidian geometry is concerned with abstract perfection: circle, square, triangle, and other regular forms. Kandinsky was interested in the spiritual aspects of geometric forms. At the Bauhaus about a hundred years ago, he researched which colors and forms have a spiritual affinity or go best together. His conclusions are the well known read square, blue circle, and yellow triangle. He liked black as a background wall color for his paintings because it enhances their vibrancy.

In this video you see how "Geometric Exploration 4" was created over a couple of months. It is mixed media fiber art, 32’ x 32’ or 81cm x 81 cm on wooden stretchers, ready to hang.

Please call me +1.530.692-9012 if you are interested, or look at my web page for more details. The piece is in the “Mixed Media” portfolio. Enjoy.



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