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Photographing in the Sun

Have often heard that you’re not supposed to do it - to photograph paintings in the sun. But look at these: the silk colors really glow. The luxurious tactile values are one of the pleasures of having paintings on 100% silk.

These small abstracts are part of my “Reflections” series; my own challenge to create 50 of these during 2019. I started in January (See blog post) and continued when I wasn’t busy with other projects.

What do you see in each one?

"Reflections 29" shows you the same painting taken in shade and in sunshine. Then there is a detail of the stitching by hand and machine.

"Reflections 30 in Blue" also allows you to compare the colors in shade, sunshine and a detail in shade. Look at the hand-spun silk and hand-dyed yarns.

"Reflections 31" focusses on circles and dots and creates a vibrant surface through multiple layers. Like the previous one, it's entirely hand-stitched. The white looking color is a soft, slightly reflective pearl tone.

"Reflections 32" explores a different range of colors, like all others painted on 100% silk, then hand-stitched with hand-dyed yarns that harmonize perfectly. The first two photos are in shade, the second two in direct sunlight.

"Reflections 33" - What do you see in this? Colors? Lines? Something else?

"Reflections 34" is also called "Midsummer Nights Dream" because I created it while helping with stage dressing during a local Shakespeare theatre production.

Today is part of the 34th week of 2019, and I really created 34 pieces so far (see website "Small Abstracts" portfolio). All silk paintings are gallery-wrapped on wooden stretchers, ready to hang.



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