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Public Art for the Apollo Library

A commission for a local library requested a creative “Yes, we are open” sign and two covers for glass doors (to improve security).

One of the special sections in the library is about 18th French arts and crafts. The staff liked the suggested 18th century clock with putti reading books and educating themselves.

How were these created?

1 Using my own photography and Photoshop Elements, I created two JPG files; sent them to Spoonflower; got one printed on Eco Canvas (for outdoor use), the other on simple cotton.

2 For the door windows, I upcycled a stained tablecloth, washed it together with the printed cotton, and then appliqued the printed cotton to create a completely clean and neat impression.

3 The outdoor banner has a backing of eco-felt that comes around to the front to frame the printed eco canvas.

4 Black running stitch hold front and back together. The cordonnet or whipped running stitch is in black and gold which creates a lively surface.

5 Letters for the library name were cut out of eco felt and stitched with French knots.

6 Using velcro allows for easy setup and take-down of the banner, here with some of the library staff.



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