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Inspired by Fractals

I’m not a mathematician, but I find certain concepts do inspire my work, for example, fractals.

Many of the following quotes are from the samples section of the Oxford Dictionary. I do not know the original author, therefore I cannot credit them.

“Mathematicians have long been taken with the concept of fractals, which posits that patterns are made up of smaller, self-contained patterns.”

So what does this attribute of self-similarity mean for me? - A dot can be embroidered as a French Knot. Many dots can describe the outline of a sphere, or they can fill a circle.

Top-right corner of Geometric Exploration 2, Mixed Media

Reflections 12, abstract textile painting

Reflections 47, abstract textile painting

Half circle of dots in Geometric Exploration 3, Mixed Media

The shapes and behaviors of fractals are often associated with beautiful computer graphics. That is not my approach. All my work are original designs, often a synthesis of multiple inspirations. Look at the next two silk paintings. They could also be called “Contemporary Embroidery”. They are unique originals, painted and stitched by hand.

Reflections 4, abstract textile painting

Reflections 26, abstract textile painting

“Fractals are useful … in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth, fluid turbulence, and galaxy formation.”

Reflections 24 and 29 describe fluid turbulence and cloud formation. Can you see that as well? - I would love to hear from you. Please email

Reflections 49, 50, and 51 are abstract textile paintings, created when I was thinking about galaxies.

Lastly, synonyms for the adjective “fractal” include: unarranged, unplanned, unpremeditated,

This describes the creation of “Seeking Clarity” fairly well. I worked completely intuitively. “Seeking Clarity” is full of irregular shaped forms, made up of repeating points and lines, like leaves on a tree, no two areas are alike.

Hope you enjoyed this view into my creative processes and what is happening in our studio. Atelier Aurel is open by appointment. Please email or call +1.530.692-9012.



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