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The First Time in my Life

For the first time in my life, I’m growing morning glories at the entrance to our atelier.

BTW: Please give us a call and come for a visit.

Their loom fades quickly in the hot summer sun, so there’s no time to procrastinate. The steps follow on how this plein-air silk painting was created:

1 Sketch lightly, joyfully and quickly to catch the spirit of the morning glories.

2 Outline and simplify their forms. You can practice on paper before painting on silk.

3 Use diluted acrylics which can be similar to water colors and capture the light and shadow of these fleeting moments.

4 Let the silk painting dry and outline with a running stitch and cordonnet or whipped running stitch.

5 Staple it to a wooden frame and cover the staples with acid-free linen tape.

Now, it’s ready to go to a new home.



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