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Roman Inspirations, a Solo Show

If you’re familiar with my life and work, you know that I’ve lived and worked in Rome, and being back in California, I visit as often as possible. So you won’t be surprised that Rome inspired a number of my pieces:

- First of all, a few oil paintings and hundreds of pleine-air water colors and sketches; they made it into a book.

- The book is bi-lingual “Roman Horses, Cavalli Romani”, self-published 2014. For more details, see

- The book and the topic of horses in Rome also inspired a series of art quilts which you can see on my website in the “Roman Horses” portfolio. They have been exhibited in Kassel Germany, Chico State University, and now the Apollo Library.

- Another series of paintings on cotton is inspired by renting a little apartment in San Lorenzo in Lucina, which is in the historic center of Rome. The view from our living room window provided endless inspirations: What the piazza looked like at night, before dawn, during rain, with various spring flowers, with a coming storm where people run for protection, with seagulls, and so on. (See several blog posts under the Amor Roma category.)

- Rome also inspired a growing group of stitched images where photographs are printed on Satin, silk or another fabric and then stitched by hand and/or machine.

Have a look at this video or come to enjoy the solo exhibition in the Apollo Library, June 15 - August 15, 2019.

Rome also inspired several larger pieces but they didn’t fit in the library, so they are not included in this show.



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