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Coming Storm

With the quickly changing spring weather, we had several storms.

As often, I start with a light pencil sketch on 100% cotton.

After carefully covering my painting environment, I paint with acrylics (Golden Open and I bought several French ones which work quite well, too.) Also used textile pastel crayons to create the effect of old peeling paint.

My current tool box

The painted image

Started at the center with outline quilting.

(So grateful for a friend who loaned me this machine.)

When a storm comes, the sky becomes quite dark gray, but at the same time, it's still glaringly bright, hard to look at which is shown through silver paint and glittering thread.

Free-motion quilting for the sky, ...

... a stitch recalling the cobble stones on Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, a few hand-stitched embellishments (the potted plants), and a new 12" x 16" or 30 cm x 40 cm is done.

Hope you enjoyed this artistic journey.



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