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Started Sailing Under the Golden Gate

Wanted to share with you a fairly typical example of my workflow and artistic processes. This art quilt started with the real life experience of sailing in the Bay Area.

Water attracts me and the excitement of going right under the Golden Gate bridge is what I'd like to share. So, I decided on the size 55 x 34" and a composition.

The first sketch of the composition is done with textile pens that don't bleed.

Next step is painting with acrylics (from the background to the front).

Most of the painting is done. - I do go back to painting, even after I started quilting and embellishing, if the piece demands it.

A recycled veil is appliquéd as sail.

See a detail.

Machine-quilting with a simple home sewing machine

See a detail from where the bridge foundation meets the water.

Artist at work with hand-stitching (It's very hot but the wet scarf keeps me cooler.)

Creating water foam by using deliberately loose, irregular stitches.

Yes, there is a lot more to be done. Watch for an update in a week or a month.

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