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Finished Sailing Under the Golden Gate

In my first blog post I shared how "Sailing Under the Golden Gate" started with an inspiration, painting, machine- and hand-stitching.

Here you see the final piece, as I'm sharing it with the Mountain Art Quilters (MAQ) in Nevada City, CA.

Which steps were in between??

The water currants are hand-quilted in large stitches with variegated Japanese cotton.

The highlights in the water are first painted, then embellished with French Knots.

The sailboat leans to the right to give a sense of movement.

The central railings are made of twisted yarns. I had to redo some of them because the length had to be exactly right as they are too think to pull through to the back.

Detail of the floor:

To enhance the three-dimensionality of the foreground, the boat has various appliquéd elements: the sail, ropes and lines.

Left foreground detail:

Right foreground detail:

The finished art quilt has a couple of elements extending over the frame.

It's ready to be shared with quilting friends.

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