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A Vivid Connection to the Past

One of the many attractions of Rome is that time is made visible by many layers of culture. Giovanni Barracco, a 19th-century collector, gathered a few hundred pieces which are an exquisite representations of various ancient Mediterranean civilizations.

On the first floor, you’ll find Egyptian, Cyprian, and others;

on the second floor primarily Greek and Roman art.

This museum also has a vivid connection to my own past, to the hours I spent sketching pieces for my book “Roman Horses - Cavalli Romani.” All three pieces are on display (the numbers refer to section in the book):

1. The Oldest Horse - Il cavallo più antico

2. An Ancient Toy - Un giocattolo antico

This piece also inspired an art quilt (Video here)

24. Horses and the Tree of Life - I cavalli e l’albero della vita

One of the elements that I enjoy is that this museum was a private residence. See these hallways.

Giovanni Barracco’s former house (very centrally located between the Campo dei Fiori and Piazza Navona) is now the Museo di Scultura Antica. Entrance is free.



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