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Finished the first Three

In my blog post "Inspired by Being in Rome", I shared how these three pieces were started. Let's look at how they were finished.

The first one "Night" has the Mimosa vase embellished by a strong black silk thread.

This is the current image, all hand-stitched. (The metallic thread is hard to see, but once I return to California, all will be professionally photographed or scanned; it's a WIP.)

The second one "Rain" has more embroidery: a row of street lights ...

... and a painted figure, reflected on the wet pavement,

plus more netting, black to symbolize the 'rainy night.' So this piece is entirely hand-stitched, but the appliquéd netting (orange and black) plays a big role in the final image.

The third art quilt "Before Dawn" is pretty different: after painting ...

... it's entirely machine-quilted.

I wanted to show a moment when the street lights are turned off, the buildings look dull, the sky barely has color, but it's already lighter than the buildings.

Hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes.



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