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Inspired by Being Here in Rome

The view from our living room window is really inspiring. Created this little video upon arrival. Then I started painting 100% cotton:

Due to jet lag, the night view became very familiar: the sky is darker than the buildings, the piazza empty.

I see the frame of the window and the little mimosa branch for ‘women’s day’. This art quilt is painted with acrylics and then stitched by hand. The foreground of the mimosa are embroidered in French knots.

I’m very fortunate to have such good friends. Susan Fiorentino came to rescue and loaned me a sewing machine. So the next pieces will be machine quilted.

- What a beautiful woman - inside and out!

The second view of the piazza is from leaning out of the window. I might add a few people to the scene that’s glittering in rain.

My third work-in-progress (WIP) is looking up at the sky, seeing the very delicate colors of the early morning. Will have to darken the buildings to make the sky more pastel-like.

You’ll see progress pictures if you follow this blog.



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