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Public Art in Dobbins-Oregon House

The story of the “Thank You Firefighters and All” quilt is told in these blog posts:

It’s obvious that the Cascade fire is not forgotten in our community and it’s also obvious that there is a lot of gratitude for the firefighters, emergency responders, PG&E, and all helpers. A traditional American way to commemorate disasters are quilts (think of the “National Tribute Quilt” for the 911-disaster in New York). Dobbins-Oregon House also has an art quilt like that: Many signatures show the depth of gratitude that’s felt in the affected and the spared communities.

- The photo shows the DOH volunteer firefighters receiving gifts at their annual Holiday dinner.-

The fiber artist Maria Billings ( initiated the art quilt. Billings said: ”The positive response was overwhelming. I had to stop asking people if they wanted to express their gratitude by signing because there’s no space left. … From our community - for our community.”

You can see the real “Thank You Firefighters & *” art quilt anytime when you visit the Fire Auxiliary Thrift Store at 9162 Marysville Road, Oregon House, CA 95962, 530.692-2255, (Tue - Sat 10 - 4).

- From left to right: Maria Billings, artist, Bertha Rogers manager, and Catherine Braudrick, president of the Fire Auxiliary before the signature quilt.

When the art quilt was installed, Bertha Davis mentioned that if people want to help, monetary contributions are always welcome and reliable volunteer work. Rogers said: “Without volunteers, we wouldn’t exist.” From our community - for our community.



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