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Roman Horses

"Roman Horses - Cavalli Romani" is an artbook of water colors and a unique historic guide of horses in the Eternal City. To be more useful, it's bilingual: English - Italian, so a fun way to improve your language skills.

The book exists in multiple versions, each has its own advantages:

* Hardcover - the special deal, like an artist's sketchbook on pale parchment colored paper, available directly from the artist (email limited edition of 120 copies, each one signed and numbered (the regular ones: $50 plus shipping and tax, ISBN: 978-0-9906034-1-2, a couple contain a unique hand-painted water color: $175 plus shipping and tax)

* Softcover - same content than the hardcover, but printed by Amazon on white paper. US link $28.50, other countries: please log into Amazon and query for the book "Roman Horses" (ISBN 978-0-9906034-4-3)

* Digital version - this is the best option for travelers, because after you download it from Gumroad, you can click the links on the last page and each is programmed to go interactively to google maps. (Digital ISBN 978-0-9906034-0-5)

Walt Whitman

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