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Participating in the VAM Exhibitions

It's given me great joy and creative inspiration to create and submit art quilts to the Visions Art Museum (VAM) in San Diego. Since I discovered this possibility in 2015, I participated each time. Part of challenging oneself is. of course, to commit doing something consistently.

"Private Lives" includes “I love You” which speaks to the core of Private Lives. “I love you” is written in many languages, including binary code, inviting the viewer to think about intimacy, as well as technology. The quilt (39x39”) is made of unusual, recycled materials: burlap, cotton, fashion yarns, CD.

"To the Point" includes “On-Pointe Swan Lake”: Being “on pointe” (on the tip of her toes) is for a ballerina an important essential technique; similar in language, the right word or fitting phrase is a pertinent contribution, usually called “To the point”.

This art quilt also participated in the VAM member challenge "Dancing".

The "Under a Spell" exhibition includes "Fairytale World of Art" (14x30") created with multiple techniques.

"Architecture" includes the "Pantheon": The Pantheon in Rome is one of the world’s most famous pieces of architecture, a building about 1900 years old, also the best preserved of Roman antiquity. The semi-circular ceiling, out of concrete (but not reinforced) has awed many visitors. The art quilt “Pantheon” (14x30”) shows the outside of the building, and in the upper part it echoes interior details (taking a lot of artistic ‘freedom’.)

"Soul Food" includes the "Generosity" art quilt (39x39"), which is still traveling in Europe.

Finally, the first one: "Water Wave" (39x39") participated in the "Moving Parts" online exhibition, as well as in the SAQA "Strata" exhibition.

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