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Found - Made in Paris

Because we were planning to stay 4 weeks in Paris, I came prepared. (I wonder what you envision, reading the first sentence?). 

Well, for me it meant bringing plain cotton, acrylic paints, and some quilt sandwiches, a bit like a pleine air painter preparing panels ready for an excursion.

My aim: to take what I find here in Paris and create textile sketches. Embroidery floss and a couple of needles also made it into my suitcase, so I can add a first round of hand-stitching.

First: La Tour Eiffel glowing and sparkling at night. It sparkles for 5 minutes on top of the hour after sunset.

The second one shows the tiny bit of sky and tree that we can see from our ground-floor apartment. Where the sky touches the buildings, it's very luminous.

Third: Sky and nothing but Parisian sky - the fluffy clouds compacted into gray overcast and rain.

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