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Visiting the 57. Biennale in Venice Italy

Before going I thought of seeking out and sharing ALL fiber works but I'm happy to say there are too many for this short blog.

Starting with the installation by Sheila Hicks in an area called "Pavilion of Color": Yes, her colored fiber attracts, invites you in; you look closer, walking back and force: your color experience changes.

Trying to remember one of the many color experiences that I had, made me go back to water colors and sketch a little.

Maybe photos are a better means to share. On the left, there is a group of ochre, orange to red elements.

In the center: Yellow with red tones above and blue-green-purples below

On the right: red to purple and blue tones

This overview shows that on the right and left are red, woven carpets that provide a strong vertical element and made me look at the walls themselves.

Enjoy this detail of fiber in the cracks of the left wall:

Like the whole installation, color changes somewhat gradually, but always with a contrasting tone.

The materials that Sheila Hicks uses? - I'm guessing it's an unspun polyester fiber, held together by transparent plastic netting.

The whole installation is so inviting that there are several signs "Do not sit on it".

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