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Thank You Firefighters & *

On October 8th, 2017, an hour before midnight local time, the "Cascade Oregon House" fire started. Most residents wouldn't know about it until the next morning, but I was abroad in Italy: 9-hour-timezone difference, plenty of time to worry what's happening.

I had just bought a 55 x 71" cotton tablecloth and now it became a real possibility that there might not be a table to put it on. So in my mind, I dedicated it to the firefighters as a "Thank YOU".

It's not the first time, that I feel a real deep gratitude towards all who assist with disasters and emergencies. And I'm not alone. If you wish to participate by signing this signature quilt, you are most cordially invited to contact me. If there is a group who wishes to sign, I'm happy to do the travel part and bring the quilt to you.

Please contact me at No cost is involved. If you have a suggestion to whom I should donate the final signature quilt, please send me the contact info.


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