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Historic Fashion Show in Dublin Ireland

The National Museums of Ireland are free of charge, including the Decorative Arts and History museum. We visited only a small part of their extensive collections and soon enjoyed a good lunch in the museum cafe. But let the show begin...

For over 250 years, both men and women wore special types of underwear to improve their shape, to look more desirable according to the fashion of the time. 

Coat, breeches and vest made in Limerick about 1770, probably worn by an earl.

After the French Revolution, lifestyle changes led to the development of simpler clothing. In the foreground a morning robe from 1785

Hoops returned and dresses became very voluminous. Made in Ballymore 1867

The sewing machine was sold by WB Moore, Dublin in 1872.

Fit for a picture in 1907

Fine Irish lace crocheting was in high demand. See these details 

Until the late 18th century, children wore smaller versions of adult clothing; then they gained more freedom of movement. 1912

The museum also had a fashion retrospective 1950s to 1990s for IB Jorgensen 

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