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A Normal Day in Rome

Starting with a good cappuccino ....

What are our days like? - Well, today is a pretty good example.

Passing by a hat shop, we head to Tazza d'Oro.

As you see, we're right next to the Pantheon, so a quick visit - just to breathe in and out in this magnificent building.

Very nearby is San Luigi dei Francesi with a Caravaggio chapel dedicated to St. Matthew

On the road ... Largo Argentina

the ruins which are cats' paradise

A little errand in the area and we continue to Campo dei Fiori

Walking along Via Guilia ...

... there are so many beautiful doorways and courtyards to just peak in.

We are aiming at San Pietro, but getting there we find the entire piazza corded off, due to papal functions. So, we just flow with hundreds or thousands of people along Via Consiliazione. Suddenly hundreds are cheering and we see this young couple.

they will probably never foreget the walk, nor the day.

Closer to Castel Sant Angelo, the wind is breathing.

The Bernini angels seem to have a special connection.

Faces of friends and the sun are shining.

Walking home, eating, and stitching.

This 12 x 16" art quilt is painted and 99% machine-quilted.

In the center, I added a few French knots.

Is the piece finished? Or Not?

(I tried to show the early morning sky, where the sky itself is lighter than the buildings.)



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