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Simplifying Access to my YouTube Videos

Because I began creating YouTube videos long before I started this blog, I’d like to share this summary, just to provide a simple access for you as user. And for creators, who would like to create a playlist themselves, the steps are below.

My YouTube channel is “Art MB Billings”. It currently contains two playlists and a few individual ones.

The oldest mini-series is from 2014 “How to Create an Art Quilt.” Unfortunately, the “Generosity" art quilt got lost in 2017 while being part of a traveling exhibition. But you can still enjoy the finished piece here:

The “Roman Horses, Cavalli Romani” playlist is still actively growing. It’s about how Rome inspired me to create hundreds of drawings and water colors, write a unique book, and use some of the images to create art quilts.

Additional individual videos include:

  • Local Color art quilt exhibition by SAQA in the Folsom Arts Center:

  • A Glass of Water at IQF Houston 2017:

  • Sailing - Inspiration for an Art Quilt:

  • Updated snapshots of the SAQA exhibition "On the Fringe”:

HOW TO create a YouTube Playlist:

1. Log in to your YouTube account.

2. Click your image.

3. Select “Creator Studio.”

4. On your dashboard, click “VIDEO MANAGER” and then “Playlists”.

5. Click the “(+) New playlist” button.

6. Provide a title, choose your scope for visibility, and click “Create.”



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