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A "Little" Visit to Versailles

We had talked about a little visit to Versailles, just to find out there's nothing "little " about the chateau or palace. Anyway, I'd like to share a couple of details for textile lovers from the two smaller garden palaces: the Grand Trianon and the Petit Trianon.

The embroidery or tapestry frame from the Boudoir de L'imperatrice (Napoleon's mother) , 1810

Most rooms are full of remarkable textile work, so I just picked one carpet in the Grand Trianon. Its fresh design is bolder than what was normally created for palaces in the 18th century.

View from the Peristyle colonnade that connects two parts of the Grand Trianon

We observed that the color in the Petit 

Trianon garden comes from lots of potted plants. We saw gardens adding red tulips to the beds.

This Inner Drawing Room is one oh the most intimate spaces in the Petit Trianon, maybe apart from a bathroom which was installed in 1774. 

A long list of royal ladies occupied this delicate palace.

Seven hours later, on the way out: sheep, great producers of wool for all sorts of textiles.

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